North Macedonia – General information

North Macedonia - General information

North Macedonia is a landlocked country on the Balkan in southeastern Europe. The land has an area of 25,710 km² (9,927 mi²). This land region is roughly 102% of the area of Maryland. North Macedonia is accordingly the seventeenth littlest country in Europe and positioned 150th on the planet. The greater part of all inhabitants (58%) lives inside urban communities. More than each fourth occupant lives in Skopje. Despite the fact that it is a little landlocked country, it borders five adjoining nations which are Kosovo and Serbia on the north, Bulgaria on the east, Greece on the south, and Albania on the west.

Facts about North Macedonia :

There are some amazing facts concerning North Macedonia:

Independence while not blood

North Macedonia is the country that got independence from the European nation while not shedding one drop of blood.
It remained entirely deceased in the warmth of the Yugoslav wars within the early Nineteen Nineties and got independence from the European nations in 1991.

Most mountain peaks within the World

The country has as several as 34 mountain peaks, every with a height of over2,000 meters on top of ocean level; with Mount Golem Karb being the very best at2,753 meters on top of water level. Most peaks in Macedonia have not been visited by folks.

Alexander the nice world-size empire

Alexander the nice, United Nations agency was king of the previous Kingdom of Macedonia, was the primary world-size victor United Nations agency extended his empire across the Balkan state and Persia to the Republic of India and Egypt. Throughout his time, the dominion of Macedonia was the foremost powerful state within the world; however, once his death, the empire fell apart and it became the primary Roman province in 146 B.C.

Old astronomic observatories

According to an independent agency, Kokino is the fourth oldest astronomic observatory in the world; with the oldest 3 being Abu Simbel, Egypt; Stonehenge, nice Britain; and Angkor Wat, Cambodia.


Mother Teresa was Macedonian

Mother Teresa of the metropolis was born in Uskub, Macedonia. Although she was born in Uskub, she was Albanian by quality at the time of her birth in 1910. Today, you’ll be able to see the deposit house dedicated to her within the center of the capital town of Uskub. Today, she is taken into account to be one of every of the foremost celebrated Macedonians. She was blessed in 2003 by Pope John Paul II and authorized in 2016 by Pope Francis.

Places To Explore In North Macedonia

The Old Bazaar

If you’re a culture aficionado, North Macedonia makes a good place for your next travel destination. Throughout the centuries, many alternative civilizations have set their flag on the North Macedonian soil, going with them a number of their customs, traditions, and design. From the Romans to the Ottomans, the cultural influence remains felt even nowadays.


Take the compartment to the highest of Vodno. If you would like to flee the urban jungle, there’s no higher place than the neighboring mountain high on top of the town of Uskub. Vodno, if you recognize your method around, maybe each a formidable mountain, and a forgiving park forest to get pleasure from at your leisure.

Kale fort

Visit the Kale fort. Back to town and also the remnants of the past… Kale fort was a large medieval jail, and it’s magnificently preserved even nowadays. This beauty arts landmark overlooks the whole town and you’ll be able to simply pay for a complete afternoon ascent through the towers.


This natural observatory is found an hour chase away from Uskub. It’s a rare sight hidden amidst dense forest. Take the road From Kumanovo, and follow the winding path until you reach the destination. It’s nicely marked on Google Maps however drive slowly all the same.

Marble Lake

If you’re the swaggering kind, simply follow the short safari-like road exiting the most roads before Plectra, passing the village of Belovodica. Once you’re up the mountain, an improbable spectacle unfolds. A white marble amphitheater circles the crystal blue pocket of water below, creating it a true sight to see.
Our world surround us from the beauty of nature, if we are exploring it will not end. Make your memories by exploring North Macedonia. Hope this article will be informative for you. Share your thoughts in comment section reserved for you!

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