Weird ‘sunburnt blob’ is discovered washed up on Kemp Seaside on Queensland’s Nice Barrier Reef

A mysterious brown blob has washed up on an Australian seaside, baffling viewers as to what the creature might be.

A photograph posted to the Australian Native Animals Fb group on Monday reveals a ‘sunburnt’ lump sitting amongst the low tide.

The unidentified animal was noticed at Kemp Seaside in Yeppoon, on the southern part of the Nice Barrier Reef in Queensland.

Whereas customers put their strategies in figuring out the creature, eagle-eyed commenters appeared to decide on it being a tomato jellyfish.

A mysterious creature has been shared to the Australian Native Animals fb group, asking customers to determine the brown lump (pictured)

The species isn’t lethal to people however can provide a nasty sting if touched by beach-goers.

When the jellyfish washes on to shore, it might typically give off a nasty odour – a pure deterrent for individuals to remain away. 

One commenter likened the creature to former Parramatta Eels NRL participant Peter Sterling, donning the animal the ‘Peter Sterling fish’ – also called a blob fish.

‘I wager Peter Sterling loves that comparability,’ one other added.

The unidentified animal (pictured) was spotted at Kemp Beach in Yeppoon, in the southern area of the Great Barrier Reef

The unidentified animal (pictured) was noticed at Kemp Seaside in Yeppoon, within the southern space of the Nice Barrier Reef

The blob fish is part of a household known as the fathead sculpins, present in marine waters off the Indian and Pacific oceans, usually in deep waters starting from 100 metres to 2,800 metres underwater.

A person shared a picture of a brown jellyfish much like the tomato jellyfish,  which seems to be very alike to the one present in Queensland.

‘Agree – positively a jellyfish. Trying a bit sunburnt although,’ one person added.

One other commenter who joined in on the thriller believed it seemed like a shark egg casing.

Eagle-eyed users have had their say, with some saying the creature is a blob fish, while others claimed the 'sunburnt' lump is a jelly fish (pictured, Kemp Beach in Queensland)

Eagle-eyed customers have had their say, with some saying the creature is a blob fish, whereas others claimed the ‘sunburnt’ lump is a jelly fish (pictured, Kemp Seaside in Queensland)

A small variety of sharks observe ‘inner fertilisation’, much like the best way people reproduce with the male inset ‘claspers’ into the feminine’s reproductive organs.

Shark’s laying eggs exterior the feminine’s physique known as ‘oviparity’, whereas the conventional technique is ‘viviparous’ which means the eggs develop contained in the mom.

The predators’ eggs can are available in all totally different sizes and shapes, relying on the species of the marine animals. 

‘My first thought was shark egg casing. I discovered a bunch of bizarre stuff recently,’ the person wrote.

‘I believed shark egg casing too, however from what I’ve learn/seen on-line they give the impression of being extra leathery?’ one other added.

Whereas the thriller remains to be but to be solved, one particular person summed up the scenes, writing: ‘we actually reside on essentially the most stunning planet’.


– Also called the ocean tomato, the tomato jellyfish is a non-deadly species of jellyfish.

– Though it might supply a nasty sting if touched, the species of jellyfish isn’t lethal to people.

– When washed up on seashores, the tomato jellyfish can provide a horrible odour.

– Their food regimen is unknown however shut kin hoover up plankton species for meals.

– The species was initially named in Malaysia. 

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