Polices take 2 kilos of drug, a gold-plated pistol and almost $44,000 in money after traffic stop

Humberto Anteverde, 29, was picked up speeding Thursday in Port Arthur, Texas, where authorities discovered a kilo of coke in his vehicle

Texas policemans took a gold-plated pistol, 2 kilos of drug and about $44,000 in money in a regular traffic stop.

Humberto Anteverde, 29, ‘appeared extremely anxious’ when he was pulled over for speeding Thursday at 9.18 am, according to the Port Arthur Authorities Department.

It ends up he had excellent factor to be, as officers discovered a kilo of drug inside the vehicle when they got spoken grant browse it.

Officers acted on the come by browsing 2 homes.

At a house in Port Arthur, about 89 miles east of Houston, they discovered $44,000 in money, a 2nd kilo of coke and a rifle.

At a house in surrounding Bridge City, officers discovered a gold-plated handgun.

Police later found a glistening, gold-plated handgun with a wreath design on the barrel after searching two homes in a follow-up investigation to the traffic stop

Authorities later on discovered a glistening, gold-plated pistol with a wreath style on the barrel after browsing 2 houses in a follow-up examination to the traffic stop

The searches yielded a second kilo of a 'solid white powdery substance' at a different home

The searches yielded a 2nd kilo of a ‘strong white grainy compound’ at a various house

Anteverde was eventually arrested for manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance, a felony punishable by 15 to 99 years in prison and a fine of up to a quarter of a million dollars

Anteverde was ultimately jailed for manufacture and shipment of an illegal drug, a felony punishable by 15 to 99 years in jail and a fine of approximately a quarter of a million dollars

Images of the seizure reveal the glowing weapon emblazoned with leaves and other extravagant styles.

The mystical ‘strong white grainy compound,’ which later on checked favorable for drug, revealed a tightly-packed block engraved with ‘A-7.’

A kilo of drug, as soon as delivered beyond South America, can cost anywhere from 10 to $20,000, according to Company Expert.

Anteverde was jailed for manufacture and shipment of an illegal drug higher than or equivalent to 400 grams. He was carried to Jefferson County Correction Center.

The charge is punishable by 15 years to 99 years in jail and a fine of approximately $250,000, according to Texas law.

One kilo amounts to 1,000 grams, indicating Anteverde was well over the limitation for a lower charge.

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