Aggressive ‘park Karen’ accused of verbally abusing a younger lady in Centennial Park

Aggressive ‘park Karen’ accused of verbally abusing a younger lady feeding geese a slice of bread – earlier than calling the cops as a result of SHE was ‘fearing for her life’

  • Lady is accused of abusing a baby for feeding geese at a Sydney park
  • Mom of the kid posted warning to Fb with a picture of the ‘Karen’
  • Claims lady was aggressive and abusive in direction of little one, leaving her in tears 
  • Remarked the lady took photographs of them and supposedly referred to as the cops 
  • Many commented on the alleged inexcusable actions and behavior of lady

A mom has claimed one other lady verbally abused her daughter who was innocently feeding geese in a Sydney park earlier than allegedly calling police as a result of she ‘feared for her life’.  

The mom of the kid posted a warning to different households within the Bondi Native Loop Fb web page on Friday, describing the aggressive interplay alongside a picture of the supposed ‘park Karen’ who had introduced her daughter to tears.   

‘In case you are in Centennial Park along with your youngsters, be careful for this lady,’ the mom wrote on-line.

‘My daughter was feeding some geese this morning with some seeded bread and this lady left my daughter in tears. She was verbally aggressive and abusive. I don’t even need to repeat what she was saying to her. 

A mom has posted the alleged traumatic expertise to Bondi Native Loop Fb group warning others of her behaviour 

The unnamed lady (pictured) supposedly referred to as the cops on the mom and her daughter after she was allegedly verbally abusive and aggressive in direction of them for feeding the geese

‘She then took photographs of us, supposedly referred to as the police saying she was fearing for her life after I began telling her off. What began out as a very nice morning changed into a horrible expertise.’

The put up has garnered loads of consideration on Fb with over 200 dad and mom commenting on the appalling behaviour the mom claims the lady exhibited.

‘She’s acquired the Karen starter pack taking place proper there,’ wrote one.

‘God what a lunatic,’ commented one other.

‘A fast headbutt often kinds out individuals like that,’ joked one other.

Others have been fast to remark that geese and geese shouldn’t be fed bread and that whereas the lady’s supposed behaviour was inexcusable, she did have a authentic motive to chastise the kid. 

The mother wrote the incident occurred in Centennial Park (pictured) and warned locals to keep an eye out for the woman

The mom wrote the incident occurred in Centennial Park (pictured) and warned locals to maintain an eye fixed out for the lady 

‘They (youngsters) shouldn’t be feeding the geese… particularly bread, it’s not allowed and really unhealthy for his or her well being,’ mentioned one. 

‘I’m sorry this occurred to you however bread ought to by no means be fed to those lovely angels as a result of it’s the worst form of meals for them,’ mentioned one other. ‘There are often indicators round.’

Bread could be harmful to waterfowl as it’s not a part of their pure food plan and might trigger a deformation referred to as ‘angel wing’. 

This deformity can change the form of a chook’s wings and stop them from flying.

Waterfowl are not supposed to be fed bread as it is not part of their natural diet and can cause deformations due to improper nutrition

Waterfowl are usually not alleged to be fed bread as it’s not a part of their pure food plan and might trigger deformations as a result of improper vitamin


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