Nicki Manaj states Twitter restricted her account after current tweets about Covid-19 vaccine

Rap Artist Nicki Minaj states she was ‘welcomed’ to the White Home after she published a flurry of false information tweets previously today about vaccine negative effects.

‘ The White Home has actually welcomed me & & I believe it’s an action in the best instructions,’ Minaj, 38, tweeted Wednesday following a tremendous quantity of debate on social meda.

‘ Yes, I’m going. I’ll be worn all pink like Lawfully Blonde so they understand I suggest service. I’ll ask concerns on behalf of the ppl who have actually been teased for merely being human. #BallGate day 3’

Nevertheless, a White Home authorities informed INDIVIDUALS that the administration connected to Minaj for public health education over the phone instead of an in-person see.

‘ As we have with others, we provided a call with Nicki Minaj and among our physicians to address concerns she has about the security and efficiency of the vaccine,’ the authorities states.

The telephone call invite comes a couple of hours after Minaj was allegedly positioned in ‘Twitter prison’ after breaking the tech giant’s guidelines on sharing false information about the COVID-19 vaccine.

‘ I remain in Twitter prison y’ all. They didn’t like what I was stating over there on that block,’ the Superbass rap artist shared an Instagram story on Wednesday.

Since 10pm Wednesday, the rap artist’s account seems active, however she has actually not tweeted for more than 3 hours.

Twitter stated Minaj’s tweets were not in offense to the platform’s policy, however did not talk about whether her account had actually been frozen.

Nicki Minaj states she remains in ‘Twitter prison’ for publishing that a ‘pal of her cousin’ in Trinidad ended up being sterile after taking the COVID-19 vaccine

As of 10pm, the rapper's account appears to be active, but she has not tweeted for more than three hours

Since 10pm, the rap artist’s account seems active, however she has actually not tweeted for more than 3 hours

Minaj’s flurry of tweets about vaccines started with a post concerning the Met Gala in New York City on Monday, which she did not participate in due to a requirement which specified all guests should be immunized.

‘ They desire you to get immunized for the Met. if I get immunized it will not for the Met. It’ll be as soon as I feel I have actually done adequate research study. I’m dealing with that now. In the meantime my likes, be safe. Use the mask with 2 strings that grips your head & & face. Not that loose one,’ composed Minaj.

While Minaj would have been prohibited from going to the Met since she is unvaccinated, she stated she was likewise required to avoid it as she had actually evaluated favorable for COVID-19 while prepping for the MTV VMAs.

Minaj went on to tweet to her 22 million fans that the vaccine had actually left a cousin’s pal in Trinidad ‘impotent’ and with ‘inflamed’ testicles, triggering his fiancée to cancel their wedding event.

‘ My cousin in Trinidad will not get the vaccine cuz his pal got it & & ended up being impotent. His testicles ended up being inflamed. His pal was weeks far from marrying, now the lady cancelled the wedding event. So simply hope on it & & ensure you’re comfy with ur choice, not bullied,’ the rap artist followed up.

Minaj has actually dealt with substantial reaction for her tweets; from stars, physicians, and even world leaders.

She was strongly reacting to her critics on Twitter till quickly prior to she declared her account had actually been suspended.

Dr Anthony Fauci reacted to Nicki Minaj’s vaccine issues, stating there’s ‘no proof that it occurs, nor exists any mechanistic factor to think of that it would take place.’

‘ There is a great deal of false information, mainly on social networks. And the only method to counter mis- and disinformation is to supply a great deal of appropriate info and basically unmask these kinds type of claims,’ Fauci informed CNN on Tuesday when asked whether the vaccines might affect reproductive health. ‘

Fauci stated that Minaj’s questionable post ‘might be innocent on her part.’

‘ I’m not blaming her for anything, however she must be hesitating about propagating info that actually has no basis, other than for a one-off anecdote. That’s not what science has to do with,’ Fauci stated.

The CDC has actually stated: ‘ There is no proof that vaccines, consisting of COVID-19 vaccines, trigger male fertility issues.’

Minaj has actually not pulled back from her questionable tweets, and firmly insists that she does not dissuade anybody from getting immunized, stating she wishes to do her own ‘research study’ and is opposed to requiring vaccines on those who do not desire them.’

Even British Prime Minister Boris Johnson weighed in, condemning Minaj’s remarks and informing press reporters he would rather listen to NHS England’s leading GP Nikki Kanani about the ‘terrific’ vaccine than the rap artist.

'There's no evidence that it happens,' Fauci said when asked about rapper Nicki Minaj's concern that COVID vaccines could cause testicular swelling

‘ There’s no proof that it occurs,’ Fauci stated when inquired about rap artist Nicki Minaj’s issue that COVID vaccines might trigger testicular swelling

Megan McCain, the columnist and former host of The View , also fell foul to Minaj's fury

Megan McCain, the writer and previous host of The View, likewise fell nasty to Minaj’s fury

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