Trainees struck the town for Betters’ Week after in 2015’s occasions were cancelled amidst lockdown

Countless trainees will be getting up with aching heads today after taking advantage of delighting in Freshers’ Week carnage after ins 2015 cancellations due to the pandemic.

After finishing their A-Levels under Covid limitations, partygoers from the 4 Birmingham universities welcomed their newly-returned liberties along with brand-new buddies as they partied into the early hours throughout bar crawls in Birmingham’s Broad Street, popular for its strip of bars.

Trainees from Birmingham City University, Aston University, University of Birmingham and Newman University were envisioned delighting in the night in high spirits.

A group of betters posture for an image in Birmingham’s Broad Street as trainees returned, without limitations, to commemorate the start of this year’s Freshers’ Week

Students were dressed in bright clothing ahead of a laser and neon rave as one of the city's nightclubs hosted a student night for this year's freshers

Trainees were worn intense clothes ahead of a laser and neon rave as one of the city’s bars hosted a trainee night for this year’s betters

A group of students queue up outside a nightclub as they continue their Freshers' Week celebrations

A group of trainees mark time outside a club as they continue their Betters’ Week events

A group of students let their hair down as they celebrated their first week at university with newly-returned freedoms after months of Covid restrictions

A group of trainees let their hair down as they commemorated their very first week at university with newly-returned liberties after months of Covid limitations

A young man stops to chat with friends while walking an inflatable blue dolphin through the streets of Birmingham

A boy stops to talk with buddies while strolling an inflatable blue dolphin through the streets of Birmingham

It was a double celebration for some students with birthdays coinciding with the start of Freshers' Week

It was a double event for some trainees with birthdays accompanying the start of Freshers’ Week

However some took the events too far with a minimum of 2 individuals being stretchered away by paramedics to waiting for ambulances and another girl requiring assistance from buddies after falling onto the pavement.

Others kept things jolly, positioning for photos in their brightly-coloured clothing and one even picking up a chat with buddies while bring his inflatable blue dolphin.

The trainees were taking advantage of their flexibility after lockdown limitations cancelled in 2015’s Freshers’ Week and limited the occasions which did happen to groups of 6 and included curfews.

This time round, clubs hosted trainee nights, one including a laser and neon rave, and another attracting punters in for a ₤ 1 entry charge prior to 11pm, as trainees returned in their thousands to delight in a night on the town.

One young woman was attended to by two friends after she fell onto the pavement

One girl was taken care of by 2 buddies after she fell onto the pavement

At least two people were stretchered away by paramedics and into awaiting ambulances after taking their celebrations too far

A minimum of 2 individuals were stretchered away by paramedics and into waiting for ambulances after taking their events too far

A student hitches a ride from a friend after enjoying the first night of Freshers' Week

A trainee drawbacks a flight from a pal after delighting in the opening night of Freshers’ Week

A young woman leans against a traffic light after enjoying the night's celebrations

A girl raids a traffic signal after delighting in the night’s events

Students were back without restrictions after last year's Freshers' Week was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic, with groups limited to six and curfews imposed

Trainees were back without limitations after in 2015’s Freshers’ Week was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic, with groups restricted to 6 and curfews enforced

Groups of newly-formed buddies positioned for pictures while others held their buddies’ hand as they slept off the night’s celebration and alcohol on the cold pavement, while bouncers were likewise on hand to look at their well-being.

Policemans were likewise present however the night passed off without much inconvenience.

Betters’ Week 2021 is continuing throughout today and into the next with some universities returning later on in the month than others.

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