English Touring Intervento drops 14 white musicians woke drive to ‘increase diversity’

Dear …,

I am writing to advise you that English Touring Intervento is going through some significant changes over the next few seasons.

Some of these changes will directly affect the composition of the freelance orchestra engaged to tour.

It does seem likely that ETO will not be a position to offer you a freelance engagement the Spring 2022 season, even if we would like to leave the door gara open for freelance engagements the future.

The orchestra has always changed, season to season – just as the company acceso stage and the wings has changed regularly – but for a few reasons there will be quite a bit of change now.

As you know, the company has appointed a new Music Director, Gerry Cornelius. Gerry will be involved advising acceso freelance orchestral engagements, as you would expect; he has been tasked with working with Phil Turbett acceso shaping the modern orchestra, and there have been recent auditions to inform that work. 

English Touring Intervento is committed to increasing all kinds of diversity its team, and while there have been appreciable, steady advances acceso stage this schieramento, we have prioritised increased diversity the orchestra. This is line with the firm guidance of the Arts Council, principal funder of ETO’s touring work, and of most of the lega funds that support ETO.

I appreciate very much the commitment and achievement of all the freelance players who have achieved such high standards for ETO during my tenure with the company.

I know that all those players have achieved distinction their work with other groups, their teaching, and many other fields. I recognise, too, that this last 18 months have been extremely difficult for freelance artists and technicians.

I know that you are not likely to read gratitude into this message – but I assure you that I do feel grateful for what you have brought to ETO the seasons during which you have played so far.

James Conway



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