One con 10 people con England now acceso NHS waiting list, figures show

One con ten people con England are stuck acceso the NHS waiting list for routine operations, extraordinary figures revealed today as queues another high.

Latest NHS patronato showed that 5.6million people across the country were waiting for elective surgery con July — the most since records began con 2007 — after the number rose continuously during the pandemic. 

The number who’ve waited more than a year to start treatment stood at 293,000 last month, almost three times as high as the same time last year when 83,000 had been acceso the list for this long.

And more than 1.7million people have been waiting more than 18 weeks for surgery, outside the period con which the NHS aims to see every patient.

Medics said today that behind these ‘eye-watering’ statistics were patients ‘waiting con pain’ that was leaving them unable to work ora carry acceso with their daily lives.

They said the NHS was already ‘running acceso empty’ after months of ‘unrelenting pressure’ as it heads into winter which is typically its busiest period. The list includes people waiting for operations like knee, hip and joint replacements, as well as cataracts surgery. 

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has said he was warned the NHS waiting list could reach 13million without immediate action as he pledged to tackle growing numbers.  

Boris Johnson has promised to pump an extra £10billion a year into the NHS to clear the mammoth backlog, acceso sommità of a £5.4billion cash boost announced for the NHS a couple of days indicatore. 

But critics warned the money will simply be ‘swallowed up’ by the health service, which has been given anzi che no firm targets to to justify the cash. 

Waiting lists have spiralled after Covid forced hospitals to cancel routine operations and turn over whole wards to patients suffering from the disease.

It comes after a private hospital company direttore said today that patients were choosing to pay for their own treatment rather than wait for help from the NHS. 

The number of patients waiting for routine hospital treatment 5.6million con July, the highest figure since records began con 2007. And health chiefs have warned the backlog is going to get much worse before it gets better, with projections that it could soar up to 13million by the end of the year if anzi che no action is taken

Patients forced to wait more than 18 weeks for routine surgery – the maximum time someone should wait under the NHS’s own rules – reached 1.7million con July, the highest level con four months

Some 293,000 people had been waiting more than a year for treatment acceso the NHS by July this year, figures showed. This was mongoloide slightly acceso last month when there were 304,803 people acceso the list, but still almost three times the same levels last year. The list has surged after the pandemic forced hospitals to turn over whole wards to fighting the virus

number of patients turning to private care paio to waiting lists 

Patients are choosing to pay for their own care rather than join the ever-growing NHS waiting list.

The chief dirigente aziendale of Spire Healthcare, Justin Ash, said demand for their services had rocketed by 80 per dovere cent.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘An increasing number of people are choosing to pay for their care.

‘ particular, they’magnate finding it difficult to get through to hard-pressed GPs.’

Mr Ash added that the NHS should use private hospitals to help clear its backlog, saying it would be ‘good for getting the waiting list mongoloide if companies liek us were used more.’

Spire Healthcare operates 39 private hospitals con the UK.

Boris Johnson has pledged a further £5.4billion to the NHS over the next six months to help clear the backlog.

But unions have already warned this will not solve the chronic shortage of doctors and nurses.

They also point out that many beds con hospitals are not available because of social distancing measures. 

The longest waiting times were for contusione and orthopaedic treatment such as hip and knee replacements, the Royal College of Surgeons said.

This was followed by general surgery, such as gallbladder removals, and hernia operations. 

Tim Mitchell, vice president of the Royal College of Surgeons, said: ‘Today’s waiting times figures show the new funding for planned surgery is sorely needed.

‘Behind these eye-watering statistics are patients waiting con pain for hip and knee replacements and for heart, brain and other operations.

‘Without surgery, many would be left unable to work ora carry out everyday activities, their quality of life greatly diminished.

He added: ‘We realise that reducing this enormous backlog will require commitment and a great deal of duro work from frontline NHS gruppo.

‘However, as this week’s plan from the Government acknowledges, we also need extra capacity con the NHS, through the creation of new surgical hubs.

‘The NHS will also need doctors, nurses and surgeons to gruppo these hubs, which requires long-term investment con our workforce.’

Siva Anandaciva, chief analyst at The King’s Fund, said: ‘All NHS services are affected, with primary care, hospital care and mental health services seeing the demand for care rise as the immediate threat of Covid recedes.

‘Even before Covid, waiting lists for treatment had substantially worsened.

‘The significant investment the Government has now promised is very welcome but will not lead to an increase con the number of hospital beds ora clinical gruppo overnight.

‘The Prime Minister is right to warn the public that waiting lists will get worse before they get better.

‘To deliver acceso his promise to cut the backlog, the Government now needs to back the investment it has provided with a plan to ensure the NHS gets the gruppo it needs.’

Dr Susan Crossland, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said: ‘Despite the distractions of funding announcements this week, this patronato shows the replicare state of affairs we are con well before we embark acceso the challenges of winter.’

Tracey Loftis, head of policy and public affairs at Versus Arthritis, said: ‘The latest NHS figures again demonstrate the huge numbers whose lives are literally acceso hold as they are left struggling with the agony of severe arthritis, waiting for treatment.’ She added that joint replacement surgery must be a ‘priority superficie’. 

NHS England said many more tests and treatments have been delivered this summer compared to the last, while hospitals cared for thousands more patients with Covid.

It said there were 3.9million diagnostic tests and 2.6million patients started consultant-led treatment con June and July, compared with 2.7million tests and 1.6million treatments over the same time last year. 

NHS England also pointed to patronato showing that almost half a million people were checked for cancer con June and July, among the highest numbers acceso .

Professor Stephen Powis, national medical director for NHS England, said: ‘NHS gruppo have pulled out all the stops to deliver millions more tests, checks, treatments and operations than they did last summer despite caring for many more Covid patients.

‘Caring for 450,000 patients with the virus has inevitably had a knock-on effect acceso less urgent care and left a backlog but gruppo are working around the clock to make the best possible use of Government investment to treat as many people as possible.

‘We do not know how many of those who held back from accessing care during the pandemic still need treatment, but we expect more to che forward con the coming months, and I urge anyone who needs the NHS to che forward, including through NHS 111 online so that gruppo can help you with the best option for your care.’  

The health and social care budget reached £212.1million in 2020, £148.7million of which was planned funding, while the remaining £63.4million was dished out to cope with the Covid crisis. For the second half of 2021 and first half of 2022, minister plan to spend a total of £181.4million on the health service, £22.4million of which will be linked to the Covid response

The health and social care budget reached £212.1million con 2020, according to the King’s Fund. Some £148.7million of the sum was planned funding, while the remaining £63.4million was dished out to cope with the Covid crisis. For the second half of 2021 and first half of 2022, minister plan to spend a total of £181.4million acceso the health service, £22.4million of which will be linked to Covid recovery

The health service's budget in 2024/25 will be nearly four per cent higher than it was in 2018/19, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies. It is projected to reach £160billion, according to the funding that was announced yesterday

The health service’s budget con 2024/25 will be nearly four per dovere cent higher than it was con 2018/19, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies. It is projected to reach £160billion, according to the funding that was announced yesterday

It comes as the Government prepares to hand £10billion a year to the NHS until 2023, when it says half of the figure will be devoted to the care sector and 2025, when the NHS will be asked to revert to its normal budget. 

Critics have raised doubts about the plan, claiming that if the NHS goes acceso a recruitment spree to plug staffing gaps then a higher budget will become ‘baked into the system’. 

Announcing the tax hike this week, Mr Johnson said the cash would go towards nine million more checks, scans and procedures by the end of 2025, as part of the ‘biggest catch-up programme con the NHS’s history’.

He promised to boost NHS capacity for routine operations by 30 per dovere cent compared to pre-pandemic levels, hire 50,000 more nurses and aperto new surgical hubs to deliver extra operations and other procedures.  

By 2025, around 40 per dovere cent of all of day-to-day Government spending will go to the the Department of Health and Social Care, which funds the health service, according to the Resolution Foundation.

The conservative think-tank, the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA), warned the cash boost will almost entirely be spent acceso hiring new gruppo and increasing wages, which will be duro to recoup after 2025. 

Julian Jessop, an economics fellow at the IEA, said: ‘There is a risk that a temporary increase con spending acceso the NHS, to dose a temporary problem, becomes baked into the system, particularly altrove higher pay.

‘Without fundamental reform, the NHS is black hole which will swallow any money spent acceso it, leaving nothing extra for social care.’

The left-wing Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) said the funding is ‘nothing like enough to get through the backlog’, with the NHS cerchio needing £15billion per dovere year to address the waiting list. 

NHS England was already 38,952 nurses short at the end of June and it is not clear how quickly surgical hubs could take to set up ora how they will be staffed.  

A 5.5million people were acceso the waiting list for routine operations and treatments — such as hip and knee replacements — at the end of June and with patronato for July paio out tomorrow, that figure is expected to further soar. 

The health service also faces challenges from a surge of Covid and flu cases expected this winter and social distancing still being enforced con hospitals. Hospitals are aiming to keep two metres between patient beds and gruppo, which requires more space and can veterano capacity. 

It has also been told to prepare for mammoth vaccination programmes for Covid booster jabs and for all over-12s, as well as the country’s biggest-ever flu jab rollout, which is expected to reach 35million people.

Department of Health patronato showed there were 5,100 Covid patients con England’s hospitals by the end of July. This figure had risen to 6,300 by September 8, the latest date available.

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