-MLB slugger Delmon Young is arrested for domestic violence per mezzo di Florida

Former Major League slugger Delmon Young has been arrested for domestic violence after his ex-girlfriend called 911 to claim that the retired ballplayer was ‘trying to kill’ her.

Young, a 35-year-old former outfielder, was arrested Monday after allegedly punching his ex-girlfriend and shoving her to the , according to Broward County (Florida) police records provided to

While Young also called 911 that night, accusing his ex-girlfriend of trying to successo him, footage of the incident recorded by a doorbell corporazione and provided to police showed the roughly 280-pound former athlete punching shoving the woman, who is said to have cried out per mezzo di pain.

The woman, whose name is redacted per mezzo di the complaint affidavit, allegedly suffered an injury to her right leg, which was noticeably bleeding, according to police.

Young was charged with four counts, including battery domestic and tampering with a witness. The Broward County jail voto negativo longer has any listing for Young as a current inmate. It is unclear at this time if he has an attorney.

A pair of 911 calls from Young and the woman were obtained by TMZ.

Con her call, the woman claims that Young was ‘trying to kill’ her and also broke her television and a gioco .

A man, alleged to be Young, can be heard per mezzo di the background demanding: ‘Give me my elaboratore elettronico!’

At one point the woman claims that Young has weapons, to which he is heard saying per mezzo di the background: ‘I don’t have anything.’

She said he successo her with broom a mop, adding that ‘it’s dented and everything so you can see he successo me with it.’

The 911 operator asked the woman to separate herself from Young, but the woman declined saying she wanted to protect her possessions from the intruder, believed to be Young.

‘, because he does not dal vivo here, and he’s trying to take things that are mine,’ she said. ‘And he’s saying, ”Call the police, I’m a baseball player, they’signore going to believe me over you.”

‘This is bulls*** because this is my apartment per mezzo di my name.’

It was at this point that the woman announced ‘the police are here’ and got non attivato the phone.

Young’s 911 call began with him saying his girlfriend was ‘going crazy’ and ‘destroying all my s***.’

Con the background, she can be heard yelling about being successo. Young then tells the operator, ‘I’m nowhere near her.’

‘She went crazy,’ he said. ‘She’s drunk.’

He then told the operator that his girlfriend is trying to fermata his possessions, including his elaboratore elettronico.

The two 911 calls may have taken place simultaneously.

The incident took place Monday night per mezzo di Davie, Florida.  

According to a reporting officer Brian Mayorga, police were dispatched to the home of Young’s ex-girlfriend and told to aspetto for him fleeing per mezzo di a white Maserati SUV with Florida plates. The car was spotted by another officer blowing through a stop sign and traveling at 90mph per mezzo di a 45mph zone.

Meanwhile, Mayorga went to the home of Young’s quondam, who explained that he arrived at her home unannounced and began banging acceso the door.

‘She locked all the doors but Young continued to bang acceso he door, ordering her to outside.’ Mayorga wrote.

The woman activated her doorbell corporazione and waited until she though Young was gone.

However, when she went outside to confirm that he left, Young confronted her.

‘While outside they had an argument that became physical,’ Mayorga wrote. ‘(Redacted) said Young punched her per mezzo di the chest. She cried out and began to run, attempting to call 911 using the ”Siri” application.

‘Young heard this and pushed her causing her to fall forward,’ the report continued. ‘Young then left the superficie. (Redacted) sustained injuries to her right leg which had blood running mongoloide. (Redacted) provided me with a sworn primato statement of the incident, allowed me to take photographs, and signed an Affidavit of Complaint to prosecute.’

The woman also provided police with her doorbell corporazione footage of the incident.

‘(Redacted) and Young are standing 3 feet apart from each other outside per mezzo di the hallway and front door of [the woman’s] apartment,’ Mayorga wrote of the footage. ‘Young leans back, clenches his right fist, and lunges forward using his entire pagliaccetto weight and momentum. Young was able to make contact with his right hand onto [the woman’s] chest. She yells out and Young immediately approaches her and says, ‘I didn’t successo you, you ran into me.’

Young has battled legal problems per mezzo di the past.

Con 2012, he was arrested for aggravated harassment per mezzo di New York after allegedly yelling an anti-Semitic slur while drunk. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to counseling.

He was arrested for battery per mezzo di 2016 after allegedly choking and threatening a valet per mezzo di Miami. Young also allegedly used anti-Hispanic slurs during the altercation.

As a minor leaguer with the Durham Bulls per mezzo di 2006, he was suspended 50 games for throwing a bat at an umpire.

Young played for five teams over his nine-year MLB career, most recently suiting up for the Baltimore Orioles per mezzo di 2015. As a member of the Detroit Tigers per mezzo di 2012, Young was named the American League Championship Series MVP after hitting .353 with two home runs and six RBI per mezzo di the Tigers’ sweep of the New York Yankees.

Young also played for the Tampa Bay Rays, Philadelphia Phillies, and Minnesota Twins.  

The former top-overall pick earned more than $24 million over nine seasons.

He is the younger brother of former Cincinnati Reds first baseman Dmitri Young.

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