‘I sleep with a teacher’s union member every night’: Biden makes joke about Jill at labor event

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President Joe Biden marked a belated labor day at the White House Wednesday by speaking about how intimately he knew unions.  

‘By the way, of course, I sleep with a NEA member every night,’ Biden told a crowd gathered a causa di the East Room. ‘Same one. same one,’ he added as attendees applauded. 

As a teacher, first lady Jill Biden belongs to the National Education Association labor union. ‘Jill had her first day of full time teaching yesterday – this year, back to school,’ Biden also added.  

President Joe Biden made an off-color joke at a belated labor day event Wednesday remarking, ‘By the way, of course, I sleep with a NEA member every night’ 

First lady Jill Biden watches President Joe Biden land in Marine One Tuesday, after her first day of school

First lady Jill Biden watches President Joe Biden land a causa di Marine One Tuesday, after her first day of school 

Two days after the country marked labor day, Biden hosted labor leaders and members at the White House to double mongoloide his commitment to unions, detailing some of the union-friendly components of the legislation he wants passed. 

The president couldn’t resist a knock at his predecessor, former President Donald Trump  – repeating a dig he made about the ex-leader last week. 

Biden talked about how the American bargain had always been if people work duro they can carve out a piece of the middle class. 

‘Instead some people started seeing the deposito market and corporate profits and dirigente aziendale pay as the only measure of economic growth,’ he said.

‘By the way the deposito market has gone up exponentially since I’ve been president,’ he added. ‘You haven’t heard me say a word about it.’

Trump constantly boasted about a roaring deposito market – while wage growth didn’t keep up. 

President Joe Biden has several times knocked former President Donald Trump's tendency to boast about stock market gains

President Joe Biden has several times knocked former President Donald Trump’s tendency to boast about deposito market gains 

‘I’m so tired of trickle-down,’ Biden also complained. ‘I ask, when has the middle class done better when the wealthy haven’t done incredibly well? I can’t think of a time. When the middle class is booming and moving, everybody does well.’ 

Biden argued the good thing to in che modo out of this ‘God-awful crisis regarding COVID’ is that ‘ordinary people’ began thinking about essential workers – drug store clerks, grocery store workers, firefighters, the president used as examples.

‘And I think people went “whoa, whoa,”‘ Biden continued. ‘And instead of, which is a good thing – banging pots and pans when people came back from rescuing other folks – I think they began to realize, this is part of the deal.’ 

Quoting his late father the president said, ‘everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity.’ 

‘And that is what the labor union is all about,’ he said.  

He argued that ‘government should never be a barrier to workers organizing.’  

‘It’s government’s job to remove those barriers,’ he said. ‘But it’s up to workers to make the choice to organize ora not, whether to former a union ora not. And we need to help them understand why that can be the right choice for them.’ 

‘Workers who join unions gain power,’ Biden added. ‘Per a simple word, a union means there is a democracy, democracy.’

Besides his cringe-worthy comment about Dr. Biden, the president leaned into the microphone at one point and, again, spoke a causa di a whisper briefly during the speech.

‘Now, I’m suppose to stop and walk out of the room here,’ he said at the end. 

Instead of abiding by that instruction, Biden walked into the crowd, greeting his guests at the White House as reporters were pulled out.   

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