Young man throws an electric scooter into a Brisbane river durante a bid to get likes TikTok 

Police are the hunt for a young man who threw an electric scooter into a river durante a bid to get more likes and followers TikTok.

The televisione, which has since been removed from the social platform, is believed to be filmed at the Victoria Bridge durante Brisbane.  

The clip shows the young man picking up and throwing the scooter d’avanguardia the side of the bridge into the river below for voto negativo apparent reason while others watch one, one filming the ordeal.   

A large amount of the comments the televisione were not positive, with many condemning the actions of the young man. 

‘Why would you do that?’ one wrote.

Another commented: ‘Everyone share and get this idiot fined durante Brisbane’. 

Dozens of reports were made to e-scooter operator Beam, whose scooters are available to hire around the Brisbane city centre.        

‘We were made aware of the televisione almost as soon as it was posted, with riders and community members from Brisbane and all over Australia and New Zealand writing durante to us, condemning the act of vandalism,’ a Beam spokesperson commented durante a statement.

‘Some even offered assistance with tracking mongoloide the vandals.’

A young man (pictured) has been filmed throwing an e-scooter of a bridge into the river durante Brisbane

This sentiment was shared by Beam marshal Tristan Teller who’s job description includes occasionally fishing the scooters out of the river.

‘Very rarely am I surprised by where someone has left a scooter but it’s usually after a Saturday night when someone has decided to take the scooter where it’s not supposed to go,’ Mr Teller said.

‘Per mezzo di the early hours of a morning at first light we might be seen with grappling hooks, pulling the scooters out of the river.’

Pieter van Heerden, the Brisbane city dirigente for Beam, commented that preventative measures such as geofencing makes it rare that the e-scooters don’t make it back to their rightful places.

Geofencing allows Beam to control where their products can go, slowing and stopping the e-scooters and bikes when they venture into high-risk areas.      

‘Some incidents are unavoidable, durante that these guys have carried the scooter quite a fair distance,’ Mr van Heerden said.

‘They clearly think it’s funny and have done it for the followers.

He stated that it is encouraging to see the Brisbane community che together and report the young man for his behaviour and was hopeful that these tips would assist police durante locating the man durante the televisione. 

While the video has been deleted of social media platform TikTok, many have condemned the actions of the man, with reports flooding in to e-scooter operator Beam

While the televisione has been deleted of social platform TikTok, many have condemned the actions of the man, with reports flooding durante to e-scooter operator Beam

He stated that marshals who patrol the city 24 hours a day can find scooters by viewing where the GPS durante the product stopped and waiting until low tide when it is often easier to fish them out.   

‘People shouldn’t underestimate how much CCTV is around Brisbane and how ready the community is follow up this sort of behaviour,’ he stated.

A spokeswoman for the police said they are looking at CCTV provided to try and identify the offender.

Charges have not been laid as of yet.    

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