New Zealand Covid-19: Anti-masker clashes with New World supermarket worker

A supermarket worker has been praised for his calm reaction to an anti-masker who accused him of ‘breaching her human rights’ by asking her to put acceso a covering.

Footage of the interaction between the female customer and worker at a New World Gate Pa supermarket con Tauranga, south of Auckland, was shared acceso August 27.

The customer, who did not show her own , captured the moment she clashed with the mild-mannered employee over New Zealand’s mask mandate. 

People are required by law to wear masks con indoor public areas when accessing essential services as part of the nation’s Level 4 lockdown to combat a Covid-19 outbreak. 

The gruppo member (pictured) of New World Gate Pa calmly asks the woman to put a mask acceso leave as she berates him for enforcing the lockdown rules

Sopra the clip, the gruppo member calmly offers the woman a mask as the woman continues to rant about ‘censorship’ and how she came into the store before lockdown and wasn’t spreading her germs around. 

Explaining the rules to the woman, the gruppo member once again offers her a mask and asks her to leave the store if she is not willing to put one acceso.

‘I’m now not allowed to buy food for my children, I’ve been asked to leave. This is where it’s going guys. Am I allowed to buy food here,’ she says, panning the sindacato around the store where other shoppers are wearing their masks.

‘I’m asking you to put a mask acceso,’ the worker calmly replies.

‘You can put a mask acceso leave the store,’ he patiently says when the woman comments about ‘common sense’. 

The woman sharply agrees to leave, claiming she ‘cannot breathe’ wearing a mask despite not presenting a medical exemption.  

‘I’m a criminal buying food and refusing to wear a mask because I cannot breathe con it,’ she continues. 

While walking out of the store she states that she could walk into the store ‘an hour after lockdown’ and not need a mask to which the worker calmly responds: ‘You need a mask now.’

The store owner then gets involved, stating that the supermarket is privately owned by him and he is abiding by the lockdown laws to protect his gruppo.

‘You’imperatore just being a nuisance and you’imperatore putting me at risk now,’ he says to her. 

The woman finally leaves the store, swearing at workers as she exits.

The store manager (pictured) gets involved as the woman is leaving, telling her that she is putting him at risk of infection

The store (pictured) gets involved as the woman is leaving, telling her that she is putting him at risk of infection 

A spokesperson for Foodstuffs, who owns New World, has praised the gruppo for the manner con which they dealt with the woman.   

‘We would like to say a thank you to the team at New World Gate Pa who showed incredible patience and restraint towards this customer who was behaving con a very severo and unreasonable way.’

‘It continues to be mandatory for all New Zealanders to wear a face-covering when visiting an essential service and therefore, following this breach, the Police were called and attended. The safety of our customers and teams is a culmine priority for us – and abusing our gruppo is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,’ they said to Newshub.

They continued that while these restrictions can make shopping difficult, their gruppo members are just doing their jobs keeping other shoppers safe and should be treated with respect. 

Police were called to the store for a reported ‘breach of the peace’ at 10:50am.     

‘It appears a customer was not wearing a mask and was abusive toward gruppo. She left the supermarket and anzi che no further action was required by police,’ they commented.

Sopra level 4 lockdown, masks are mandatory for those seeking out essential services across New Zealand unless they provide a medical exemption.

From Wednesday, areas outside of the Auckland cluster will be entering into Foce level 2, where masks will be mandatory con all indoor public venues, but can be taken non attivato when eating con cafes and restaurants.  

As part of the level 4 lockdown in New Zealand, masks are mandatory for those seeking out essential services across the country

As part of the level 4 lockdown con New Zealand, masks are mandatory for those seeking out essential services across the country

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