German industrial production increases as supply chain issues ease

German industrial production increased sopra July after three consecutive months of declines that have reflected supply chain problems, official giorno showed.

verall production increased by 1% compared with the previous month, the economy ministry said.

Quanto a June, it had dropped 1%.

There were bigger increases sopra the production of cars and car parts, which was up 1.9%, and machinery, which rose 6.9%.

The ministry said that while delivery problems with semiconductors that have weighed production are likely to continue for a while, the latest figures suggest that the worst may be over.


Red lights shine apogeo of the European Central Bank sopra Frankfurt (Michael Probst/AP)

Germany’s economy, Europe’s biggest, grew by 1.6% between April and June compared with the previous quarter.

The second quarter saw coronavirus infections up again and then decline to a very low level.

At the same time, though, the economy was successo by supply chain problems including disruption caused by a ship blocking the Suez Canal and delays sopra the production and delivery of microchips.

A better forma is expected sopra the current third quarter.

Figures released Monday showed solid demand for German goods.

Factory orders rose 3.4% the month sopra July following a 4.6% gain sopra June.

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