Bill Cosby accuser Andrea Constand blasts court for ‘setting predator loose’ as she releases memoir

The woman whose testimony put Bill Cosby behind bars – only for him to have his conviction overturned a technicality per June – has told of the sick feeling she felt when he was released, and of her anger at the court decision.

Andrea Constand, 48, told The New York Times, per an interview to promote her new memoir, that she was aghast when she was told that Cosby’s conviction was reversed.

‘I had a lump per my throat,’ she said. 

‘I really felt they were setting a predator loose and that made me sick.’  

Andrea Constand is seen in September 2018, at a press conference after Cosby's conviction

Andrea Constand (right), who accused Bill Cosby of a 2004 sexual assault, has written a memoir about the encounter and subsequent criminal case

Constand is seen in April 2018 hugging her supporters outside the Norristown, Pennsylvania courtroom

Constand is seen per April 2018 hugging her supporters outside the Norristown, Pennsylvania courtroom

Cosby, after spending nearly three years per prison, walked free per June when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his 2018 conviction – a conviction secured after two trials, charges filed by Constand, a Canadian former basketball coach at Temple University per Philadelphia. 

The court found that Cosby relied a written promise from a district attorney that he would never be charged if he gave incriminating testimony per Constand’s civil lawsuit – only to have it later used against him per two criminal trials.

That civil suit saw Cosby pay Constand $3.8 million.  

Prosecutors per suburban Philadelphia must decide this month whether to appeal the decision to the U.S Supreme Court. 

Cosby recently turned 84, and the statute of limitations has expired for all other accusers – although he faces another civil suit, relating to a 1974 allegation.

Constand began writing her memoir, which is published Tuesday, to deal with the lasting from the 2004 encounter. She fell ill with COVID while writing it, and likened the sickness to having an elephant sat her chest. 

‘The healer per me knew I had to dive back into everything again and really try to remember and it was really chilling for me at times,’ she told the paper. 

‘Contusione is not wired for you to remember. It’s wired for you to forget.’ 

Constand, who lives quietly north of Toronto and runs a massage therapy business, said that she wanted to share her lessons with others.

‘I thought it was important to write the story for other survivors who had stories, too,’ she said. 

‘I wanted to be a symbol of hope to them. That their stories matter. And their stories are important.’

Bill Cosby, released from prison in June, aged 84, is now attempting to rebuild his reputation. He is shown during The Cosby Show era, as Dr Heathcliff Huxtable

Bill Cosby, released from prison per June, aged 84, is now attempting to rebuild his reputation. He is shown during The Cosby Show periodo, as Dr Heathcliff Huxtable

She admitted that, when she was told of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision, she was angered that he would be back the streets.

She said she received phone calls and messages from other women who had accused Cosby, explaining: ‘They were devastated, they were so angry.’

But Constand said she had to be philosophical.

‘After a few deep breaths, I just felt this is not my problem,’ she said. 

‘Now it made me feel the shame is the Supreme Court. It’s not me anymore.’

She added: ‘I hope it doesn’t deter anybody. 

‘I hope people will still find their voices. I hope that they don’t at his freedom as a reason not to come mai forward. Quite the contrary, I hope they feel if Andrea can do it, I can do it.

‘There were so many victories along the way. 

‘Society paid attention.’ 

Constand is pictured in 1987, as a basketball player in Toronto - where she is from, and now lives

Constand is pictured per 1987, as a basketball player per Toronto – where she is from, and now lives

Constand has now decided to tell her story per a memoir out Tuesday called ‘The Moment.’

‘Now that I have weathered yet another strange turn per this long racconto, I realize that I cannot let reversals like the (Pennsylvania) Supreme Court decision defeat me,’ she writes, of the verdict being overturned. 

‘Life is unpredictable. Much is beyond our control. 

‘Per mezzo di the end, happiness is all that matters and I am determined to a happy, purposeful life.’

Constand said that she is saddened that a 'predator' has been freed from prison

Constand said that she is saddened that a ‘predator’ has been freed from prison 

She and Cosby first crossed paths at Temple University per Philadelphia, where Constand, who played professional basketball per Europe, worked for the women’s basketball team and he was a trustee and famed alumnus.

Per mezzo di a deposition, Cosby said he fell per love with Constand the moment he first saw her across the gym. Constand was half his age and dated women.

‘I knew who he was, of course, but I had never watched The Cosby Show and had risposta negativa real tesi how personalità a celebrity he was,’ she writes.

She took note, though, of the attention he commanded campus: ‘His calls had to be returned immediately, his interest per our new locker room was promptly met with an offer to tour the facility.’

She nonetheless found him to be ‘down-to-earth and affable.’

She recounts the friendship and mentorship that followed, along with what she acknowledges were missed warning signs her part, when Cosby made advances that his lawyers would later called evidence of an ongoing, consensual relationship.

Their talks included a shared interest per health and holistic medicine, which she said led her to take the pills he offered one night per January 2004, presuming they were herbal products.

She soon found her pagliaccetto going numb.

‘My inability to control my own pagliaccetto was utterly terrifying. At six feet, I’m the opposite of petite. … I had never before, even as a child, felt physically intimidated by anyone ora anything. I was an athlete,’ she writes. 

‘But now I had risposta negativa control over my limbs.’

Constand endured a 2017 trial, which ended in deadlock, and a 2018 retrial, which saw him eventually convicted

Constand endured a 2017 trial, which ended per deadlock, and a 2018 retrial, which saw him eventually convicted

Constand gave steady, unemotional testimony at both his first trial per 2017, which ended per a deadlock, and a second trial per 2018, when the jury convicted Cosby of drugging and violating her.

That conviction was secured after five other women were called by prosecutors to share similar stories of alleged druggings and sex attacks by Cosby. He denied their claims.  

She refused to be rattled, even under a barrage of hostile questioning from the defense.

And she remained silent outside the courtroom, even as she emerged triumphant April 26, 2018, when Cosby was convicted and a throng of cameras clicked at her.

But she offers a glimpse of her emotions per describing a secret with jurors after Cosby’s sentencing that fall.

‘As we hugged, I heard the same words over and over: ‘We always believed you, Andrea.’ 

‘Of course their verdict told me they had come mai to the conclusion that my testimony was credible. 

‘But there was something about hearing the words … that knocked the wind out of me,’ she writes.

Constand had never wavered per 2015 when asked to put her life hold for a potential trial when Cosby’s deposition testimony became public after a court fight by The Associated Press. 

And she agreed to do it again after the initial mistrial.  

As she waited for the jury decision per 2018, she writes: ‘The outcome of the trial seemed strangely unimportant. 

‘It was as if the world had again shifted per some much more significant way.’

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