Virginia School Board is pranked with list of false humorous names at a public convegno 

A Virginia School Board was pranked during Thursday’s convegno when someone registered a list of fake and hilarious names to be called for public comment. 

of the Henrico School Board convegno shows board member Reverend Dr. Roscoe D. Cooper III calling a list of supposed citizens who signed up to speak at the convegno. 

Names such as ‘Phil McCraken’, ‘Suck Mahdick’, ‘Ophelia McCaulk’, ‘Eileen Dover’, ‘Don Kedick’ and ‘Wayne Kerr’ are called during a minute clip of the public convegno durante which voto negativo one comes to the podium. 

Many compared the prank to Bart Simpson’s popular gag calling Moe’s Tavern asking to speak with similar names such as ‘Seymour Butz’, ‘Al Coholic’, and ‘Oliver Klozoff.’

Only one person actually spoke during the convegno, which had lasted more than three hours before the prank names where called, according to The Henrico Citizen. 

of the Virginia School Board convegno shows board member Reverend Dr. Roscoe D. Cooper III calling a list of joke names to speak 

No one steps up to the podium as Cooper continues reading names such as 'Phil McCraken'

one steps up to the podium as Cooper continues reading names such as ‘Phil McCraken’

Cooper has since acknowledged prank sharing on Twitter that it 'totally went over my head'

Cooper has since acknowledged prank sharing acceso Twitter that it ‘totally went over my head’

Once the hilarious clip was posted online, viewers caught acceso to the joke names and relished durante Cooper’s oblivious delivery.

A tweet of the funny has gathered 12.2 million views and 478.6 thousand likes. 

The Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church and newly elected school board member replied to the acceso Twitter admitting: ‘I’ve laughed since, but those names totally went over my head. Had voto negativo clue they weren’t legit.’

He wrote that since the has gone viral ‘inboxes are getting slammed.’ 

Another school board member admitted she hadn’t realized the names were jokes.

Marcie Shea tweeted: ‘I was so consumed with the heaviness of the convegno , I was just relieved to have a shorter public intervista and don’t notice. However, I’ve definitely gotten a good laugh since then.’ reached out to Cooper for a comment. 

Although the joke was not acknowledged during the convegno, it appears to have become a welcome moment durante the midst of the serious discussions of covid, a return to school, transportation, the school resource officer program, and the potential for pre-Labor Day start times durante coming years. 

Public school board meetings have become a place of heated debate focusing acceso issues such as covid mandates and Critical Race Theory. 

The newly-elected Henrico School Board member has since joined in on the laughs

The newly-elected Henrico School Board member has since joined durante acceso the laughs

Last week an unidentified woman who refused to put her mask back acceso at a school board convegno durante Texas was carried out of the building durante her chair by police. 

The woman was wearing her mask when she arrived at the Northside Independent School District Board of Trustees convegno, district spokesman Barry Perez told KSAT. 

But at some point she removed it and refused to put it back acceso when asked by district officials and then police.

That same week another Texas school board convegno got out of hand when a father bared his thoughts acceso mask mandates during a Springs School District convegno, stripping to his underwear durante defense of the mandates.

The convegno durante Springs was intended as an review ahead of the regular board convegno next week, but quickly turned into a public debate about masking mandates durante schools.

James Akers, 58, spoke during the public intervista at the beginning of the convegno Monday listing examples of other inconveniences that he endures for the safety and comodità of others as he undressed to his underwear. 

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