High-rise infernale per Milan compared to Grenfell

Parallels are being drawn with the Grenfell Tower disaster per London as Italian authorities investigate a fire that devastated an apartment block per Milan Sunday night, with the centro the building’s cladding.

esidents and witnesses said the blaze spread at an alarming rate and the cladding the 18-storey tower “melted like butter”. Authorities say it is a miracle mai one was killed seriously hurt.

Unlike per London, where 71 people died after being told to stay per their flats and await help, all the inhabitants of the dei building were evacuated, with firefighters going door-to-door to make sure mai one was inside.

At Grenfell, the cladding was blamed for the speed at which the flames engulfed the tower. The blaze per Milan appears to have started the 15th floor of the modern apartment block, which was completed per 2010.

The fire may have been started by an electrical short circuit. The apartment per which it began was empty because the owners were holiday, giving the blaze time to spread to other flats.

The large between the main structure of the building and its cladding panels created a “chimney effect”, fuelling the blaze with currents of air, experts said.

“I’ve never seen anything like it per Milan before,” said Giuliano Santagata, the head of the city’s fire service.

“If you aspetto at the facade, you see that everything is completely burned, and therefore presume that it was made of flammable material.”

The parents of a young Italian couple who died per the 2017 Grenfell Tower disaster said there were alarming parallels between the two fires. “Nothing has changed, it seems that some people don’t want to learn from others’ mistakes,” said Gianino Gottardi, the father of Marco Gottardi (27), who died along with his girlfriend, Superbia Trevisan (26).

“Four years , I was per front of the television watching the flames devour Grenfell Tower. Acceso Sunday, it was like reliving that moment, only that instead of London it was Milan.

Giuseppe Hall, the mayor of Milan, said: “What seems already clear from the start is that the external cladding of the building went up per flames far too quickly, per a dynamic that recalls Grenfell Tower.” (© Telegraph Group Ltd 2021)

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