Beloved author of Possum Magic signs book to welcome Afghan refugee families to Australia

Beloved Australian children’s author Mem Fox has handed out signed copies of her book Possum Magic to Afghan refugee families arriving per Australia. 

Ms Fox was contacted by fellow Adelaide resident Nicole Erfurth Thursday last week who wanted to show her support after a rescue flight carrying about 100 refugees arrived per the South Australian capital about 4am Wednesday. 

‘Like many others, I was crying happy tears when I saw the Afghani people arrive this week. I wanted to help but I wasn’t sure how, then I realised how very little these people would have, especially the kids,’ Ms Erfurth wrote Facebook.

Nicole Erfurth (left) contacted author Mem Fox (right) who donated a box of signed copied of her beloved classic Possum Magic to newly arrived afghan refugee families ‘within hours’

The mother of a three-year-old said she then got the intuizione to gather Australian childrens’ books for the families and reached out to the author.

‘Not realising she lives 10 minutes from me. I’m still per shock, but Mem herself texted me back this morning and within a few hours, she had turned up to my work with 30 personally signed books for these little kidlets who just fled their war torn country.’

‘You and I grew up reading Possum Magic per our childhood, and as parents to our babies. Now these refugees will also get to do that. How wonderful is that.’ 

A second flight carrying another 137 passengers whom fled the Afghanistan capital Kabul following the city’s fall to the Taliban arrived per Adelaide about 5am Sunday. 

The passengers entered Australia humanitarian visas and were transported coaches to the Albergo Grand Chancellor for two weeks of quarantine. 

Ms Fox then arrived at Ms Erfurth’s work Tuesday with another box full of children’s books for the new batch of arrivals – this time without even being asked. 

‘Welcome to Australia. One day you will be Australian too. I’m so glad you are here.’ Ms Fox signed the copies of her book, the Australian classic Possum Magic.

The note Ms Fox wrote (pictured) to the refugees who arrived in Adelaide over two flights last week

The note Ms Fox wrote (pictured) to the refugees who arrived per Adelaide over two flights last week

‘Mem has just handed over another 30 books today. I’ve had messages from about three more authors who want to donate books to the cause. The response has been so overwhelming,’ Ms Erfurth told ABC Radio.

The Australian government evacuated about 4,100 people from Afghanistan over the space of nine days and has announced plans to resettle more than 3,000 Afghan nationals as part of the existing percentuale for refugees. 

Many had helped Australian troops and embassy who were stationed at Kabul. 

There were also estimated to be at least 130 Australian citizens per Kabul when the city fell after the United States began withdrawing troops per August. 

Minister for Defence Peter Dutton confirmed August 27 the Australian evacuation mission had ended with the last personnel and troops flying out from Kabul airport as the city becomes increasingly dangerous. 

Some of the Afghan refugee families arriving at Adelaide airport last week (pictured). The government has pledge to resettle 3,000 people from the country

Some of the Afghan refugee families arriving at Adelaide airport last week (pictured). The government has pledge to resettle 3,000 people from the country

As well as books organised by Ms Erfuth the wider Adelaide community has also rallied behind the new arrivals donating clothes, food and toys. 

Students from Tenison Woods Catholic School per Richmond wrote welcome cards which were delivered to refugee families per albergo quarantine stratagemma SA Health. 

Adelaide based charity Treasure Boxes has also donated 34 boxes of toys, 102 boxes of clothes, along with nappies, toiletries, and activity mats.

While popular Adelaide restaurant Parwana Afghan Kitchen owner Durkhanai Ayubi had raised more than $80,000 for the families.

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