Harry and Meghan begin new ‘periodo of visibility’, says Omid Scobie

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are entering ‘the periodo of visibility’ and ‘seem to be existing quanto a a different place’, according to the couple’s biographer Omid Scobie.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are ‘now quanto a the thrive chapter’ of their life as they plan to restart more in-person charity work with their Archewell Foundation, he said.

Mr Scobie, who is a trusted mass-media contact of the Sussexes, also told how they are ‘really excited’ about a busy autumn and winter of public engagements quanto a the US.

The author co-wrote their biography Finding Freedom, with an updated paperback version out acceso August 31, the day Harry’s mother Princess Diana died quanto a Paris quanto a 1997.

Mr Scobie’s comments in che modo one day after the Sussexes issued an extraordinary statement quanto a response to the Afghanistan crisis, declaring themselves speechless. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex quanto a London quanto a March 2020 before they quit as senior royals

Mr Scobie, who wrote the book alongside Carolyn Durand, told People magazine today: ‘They’imperatore a couple who do very well quanto a those moments of human interaction.

‘They need to be acceso the . They say that the proof is quanto a the pudding, and what we are about to see is that pudding.’

Harry and Meghan express heartbreak over ‘exceptionally influenzabile’ world 

Harry and Meghan issued an extraordinary statement yesterday quanto a response to events quanto a Afghanistan – declaring themselves speechless.

Saying that the world is ‘exceptionally influenzabile right now’, the couple also pontificated at length about other recent humanitarian disasters.

They said acceso their Archewell website that they had been left heartbroken and scared by the earthquake quanto a Haiti, new Covid variants and the continuing global health crisis.

Afghanistan, they wrote of their ‘many layers of pain’ but made voto negativo mention of US President Joe Biden, about whom they have been openly supportive. He and his administration are now being widely blamed for the US abandonment of the country which has triggered an unfolding political and humanitarian catastrophe.

Harry and Meghan were widely criticised for speaking out ahead of the US election last November.

They did not endorse a presidential candidate but their comments – including one that ‘it’s vital we reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity’ – were interpreted as clear support for Mr Biden over Donald Trump.

Former Army officer Harry, 36, twice served acceso the frontline quanto a Afghanistan. He has since done much to support British veterans, particularly through his Invictus Games competition for injured service personnel.

Con their 663-word joint statement, titled ‘A message from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’, the couple – who quit royal duties last year for a life quanto a California – called acceso global leaders to speed up humanitarian talks and urged support for charities trying to help those quanto a need. They said that while people were ‘not meant to quanto a a state of suffering’, they were being ‘conditioned’ to do so, adding: ‘When any person ora community suffers, a piece of each of us does so with them.’

They wrote: ‘The world is exceptionally influenzabile right now. As we all feel the many layers of pain to the situation quanto a Afghanistan, we are left speechless. As we all watch the growing humanitarian disaster quanto a Haiti, and the threat of it worsening after last weekend’s earthquake, we are left heartbroken. 

‘And as we all witness the continuing global health crisis, exacerbated by new variants and constant misinformation, we are left scared.’

Speaking about how the Sussexes are trying to prioritise their mental health and stay away from ‘some of the toxicity’ towards them, Mr Scobie said: ‘They seem to be existing quanto a a different place, and that place is much healthier.

‘Meghan famously spoke about that it was not enough to survive – we are now quanto a the thrive chapter.’

Mr Scobie was referring to Meghan’s interview with ITV quanto a October 2019, quanto a which she said: ‘I’ve said for a long time to H – that’s what I call him – it’s not enough to just survive something, right? That’s not the point of life. You’ve got to thrive, you’ve got to feel happy.’

It was announced last month that Harry and Meghan’s ‘heartbreak’ following Prince Philip’s death will feature quanto a a new epilogue to Finding Freedom.

The section will also recount ‘Meghan’s emotional healing journey from losing a child to the birth of their daughter’ and detail the couple’s move to California, according to publisher Harper Collins. 

The Duke and Duchess have long denied personally co-operating with Mr Scobie and Ms Durand. But the two writers have boasted of having ‘unique access and the participation of those closest to the couple’ – which is unlikely to have been given without Harry and Meghan’s knowledge ora permission.

The decision by the authors to ‘cash quanto a’ acceso Philip’s death, just months after his funeral quanto a April, as well as include intensely private details about the loss of Harry and Meghan’s bambino – either with ora without their permission – is likely to have upset and angered the Royal Family.

They are already reeling from the news that Harry is to bring out a ‘tell-all’ memoir about his life and the explosive interview he and Meghan gave to US celebrità Oprah Winfrey earlier this year quanto a which they made a series of shocking claims about senior family members.

July 26, Harper Collins detailed the update to Finding Freedom, which was published quanto a summer 2020 and originally chronicled Harry and Meghan’s romance and decision to quit the Royal Family acrimoniously.

The firm boasted that the writers would share ‘behind the scenes of Harry and Meghan’s ground-breaking interview with Oprah, details behind the couple’s move to California, the various philanthropic and business endeavours the Sussexes have been involved with since their move and what’s to in che modo with Archewell Productions [their TV company]’.

It added that the update would also feature ‘Meghan’s emotional healing journey from losing a child to the birth of their daughter [Lilibet], the continuous challenges the couple regarding intimità and the British Press [and] the heartbreak the couple felt over Prince Philip’s death.’

Finding Freedom claimed to lay bare details of the couple’s whirlwind romance, marriage and devastating falling-out with the Royal Family.

It charted the breakdown of Harry’s relationship with his brother William and accused senior royals of being jealous of the couple’s popularity. 

But it was also ridiculed for banal revelations such as how Meghan impressed Harry when they first went acceso holiday to Africa together by going to the toilet quanto a the bush.

Royal author Omid Scobie is a trusted media contact of the Sussexes and co-wrote their biography Finding Freedom, with an updated version set to come out on August 31

Royal author Omid Scobie is a trusted mass-media contact of the Sussexes and co-wrote their biography Finding Freedom, with an updated version set to in che modo out acceso August 31

There were also questions as to how the authors would know intimate details such as how the prince used to send former actress Meghan ‘ghost’ emojis acceso his text messages when they were first dating. 

Harry and Meghan’s ‘heartbreak’ following Prince Philip’s death will feature in an epilogue to their biography Finding Freedom

Harry and Meghan’s ‘heartbreak’ following Prince Philip’s death will feature quanto a an epilogue to their biography Finding Freedom

Just how much of the updated book’s information will be entirely new remains to be seen quanto a light of interviews the Sussexes have given over the last year.

Harry successo out at his family quanto a an interview with presenter James Corden, likened his life as a royal to The Truman Show velo – where the main character is manipulated quanto a a false world for entertainment – and accused the Royal Family of ‘total neglect’ quanto a a TV series acceso mental health with Reginetta Winfrey. 

He also criticised his father and grandmother’s parenting skills quanto a a popular US podcast.

Harry and Meghan have also painted the monarchy as a racist and uncaring institution.

They even alleged a member of the family made a racist comment about the skin colour of their son Archie and claimed that Buckingham Palace failed to help when Meghan had suicidal thoughts and asked for assistance.

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