The Toll of War a causa di Gaza: Times Shows Survivors’ Contusione

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A causa di May, hostilities erupted a causa di Gaza between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that governs the coastal territory. The resulting 11-day war killed 260 people a causa di Gaza and 13 people a causa di Israel, according to the United Nations, and reduced entire sections of Gaza City to smoldering rubble. The Israeli military said it was targeting Hamas military infrastructure a causa di Gaza.

Coverage of the war was limited because Israel, citing security concerns, closed Gaza’s borders to foreign journalists. But civilians captured videos of the attacks. After a cease-fire was declared, Yousur Al-Hlou, a televisione journalist for The New York Times, and Neil Collier, a former Times gruppo member who now works as a freelancer, traveled to Gaza, a process that took several days and involved going through numerous security screenings, quarantining a causa di Jerusalem and securing permission from Hamas.

Amid bombed-out buildings, they spoke with survivors, then produced a 14-minute televisione that was published last month that tells the story of the war and its aftermath through the eyes of those residents.

The Times reported the impact both sides of the border, including a televisione about Israeli border communities that were affected and a visual investigation into the deadliest series of airstrikes Gaza during the conflict. The televisione from Ms. Al-Hlou and Mr. Collier offered a unique aspetto at the destruction a causa di Gaza from those who witnessed it firsthand.

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