Tokyo Olympics: Harry Garside is Australia’s boxing medallist who loves ballet and painted his nails

A tradie who isn’t afraid to get quanto a touch with his feminine side will bring home Australia’s first Olympic boxing medal quanto a more than three decades.

Harry Garside is last Australian standing quanto a the ring at the Tokyo Olympics, where he’s guaranteed an Olympic medal quanto a the lightweight division.

The 24-year reigning Commonwealth Games champion who added ballet to his pratica regimen showed why he’s not your average boxer after a nail-biting quarter-final victory against Kazakhstan’s Zakir Safiullin.

Moments after the judges awarded him the victory quanto a a split points decision, Garside pulled d’avanguardia his boxing gloves to show d’avanguardia his fingernails – each painted for the occasion with a rainbow pattern.

Lightweight boxer Harry Garside sported freshly painted nails quanto a his quarter-final bout

‘I just want to interruzione stereotypes, to be honest,’ he said after the fight. 

‘There’s a lot of people out there who feel like they have to be something because they’sultano a vizio ora a female. I’m all about just being different.’

The qualified plumber from the Gold Coast admitted he considered wearing a dress to to the Olympic Games opening ceremony.

‘But I didn’t want to offend anyone,’ the six-time national amateur champion added.

‘I feel like some people might take it the wrong way, so this is my way of showcasing something.’

Garside later flashed his nails again for the after his quarter-final win to share social mass-media.

‘Forgot to get these out TV, fresh nails,’ he captioned the close-up.

‘Thank you everyone for the love, doing this for Australia.’

Harry Garside shared a close up of his fresh nails after Wednesday's quarter-final victory

Harry Garside shared a close up of his fresh nails after Wednesday’s quarter-final victory

Garside remains quanto a the hunt to win Australia’s maiden Olympic gold medal.

He will take Cuba’s two-time world champion Andy Cruz when he steps into the ring for an epic semi-final showdown Friday, where the winner will progress to Sunday’s gold medal .

Garside can anzi che no worse than third as both semi-final losers are awarded bronze medals.

It will be Australia’s first Olympic boxing medal since Grahame ‘Spike’ Cheney won silver at the 1988 Games quanto a Seoul.

Australian previously won bronze with Kevin Hogarth quanto a 1956, and Oliver Taylor and Anthony Madigan at the 1960 Games quanto a Rome.

Garside implemented ballet into his pratica regimen several years indicatore to improve his footwork and balance.

The qualified plumber says ballet training (pictured) has helped improve his fitness and footwork in the ring

The qualified plumber says ballet pratica (pictured) has helped improve his and footwork quanto a the ring

Harry Garside (pictured) remains in the hunt to win Australia's first Olympic boxing gold medal

Harry Garside (pictured) remains quanto a the hunt to win Australia’s first Olympic boxing gold medal 

‘I’m not going to lie, I’d always wanted to try ballet. I say I do it for boxing, but really, I have always wanted to dance,’ Garside said.

‘Ballet’s very tough, the power through the legs that they generate, the coordination, everything is just so extreme.’

He was also inspired to take up ballet by his hero, Ukranian fighter Vasiliy Lomachenko.

‘He’s my favourite fighter and he actually did a lot of traditional , and a few other athletes do it (ballet) too,’ Garside said.

‘So I tried it out and fell quanto a love with it almost instantly. It’s really duro, it’s really, really difficult.

Boxer Harry Garside will become  Australia's first Olympic medallist in the sport in 33 years

Boxer Harry Garside will become  Australia’s first Olympic medallist quanto a the ricreazione quanto a 33 years

‘It’s definitely helped me throughout my boxing with my footwork and technique. Coordination is obviously a personalità thing. I’m very stiff quanto a the ring and I feel like it’s loosened me up a little bit.

‘I’ll continue doing it even after boxing.’

Garside told Channel Seven quanto a 2019:  ‘It (ballet) is definitely one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.

‘Very tough, the power through the legs they generate, the coordination, the technique, everything is so extreme. They make it aspetto effortless.

‘It’s my little advantage so I’ll take anything I can get.’ 

Harry fights quanto a the semi-finals at 3.47pm (AEST) Friday 

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